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Ribbon/Toolbar (software) Button Function Error Type Description
Ribbon/Toolbar (software) Button Function Error Type Description
View (1212) Ribbon Click (AutoCAD Based) None None Fatal Error

Selecting any button from the AutoCAD ribbon creates the fatal error.  Typing or using a toolbar does not create the error. 

AutoCAD Error Aborting

FATAL ERROR: Unhandled e0434352h Exception at 6C6CCF19h

Sometimes followed by;

AutoCAD Error-abort Error Handler Re-Entered. Exiting now.

The program is missing Tool Palettes and Ribbons.
The drawing may briefly open and then crash.

View (1307) Collaborate (AutoCAD Based) None None None

Background changes to gray and navigating drawing becomes sluggish after using the Newforma Konekt add in.

View (1308) Entitlement (Security and Licensing) None None None

I can't find the 'Sentinel Product Key' for my Gemalto entitlement. 

View (1305) Sprinklers (AutoCAD Based) FSC Setup None Message Box

When attempting to create a new FSC definition, you get this error message.  Clicking OK closes the command


View (1302) Sprinklers (AutoCAD Based) FSC Insert None None

When connecting a hard pipe armover to a flexible sprinkler connection (FSC), the flex hose doesn't continue straight, instead it immediately turns 90° before curving back and down to the sprinkler head.


Even with setting the connection to OVER-DOWN



View (1301) Riser Nipples (AutoCAD Based) Edit Riser Nipples None Other

When selecting a vertical pipe/riser nipple hydrapipe, the PROPERTIES window shows "no selection" instead of "hydrapipe"


You may notice that you cannot use the 'change length' command (CL) or cannot rotate riser nipple (RRT)


View (1300) HydraCAD (Revit Based) Spacing and Layout Insert Sprinklers Command Failure For External Command

Revit could not complete the external command... Object Reference not set to an instance of an object.

View (1299) HydraCAD (Revit Based) Add Device Opening Initialization Failed

Initialization Failed... Could not find part of the path

View (1298) HydraCAD (Revit Based) Spacing and Layout New Head From Selector Unhandled Exception

Spacing and Layout... Unhandled Exception... Method not found: HeadSelectorForm

View (1309) HydraCALC (Standalone) Calculate None None

No error but the calculation process takes a very long time and is slow.

The process hangs and usually the RAM runs up to 100%.  You'll likely hear the computer's fan rev up.