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Ribbon/Toolbar (software) Button Function Error Type Description
Ribbon/Toolbar (software) Button Function Error Type Description
View (1229) HydraCAD (Revit Based) Tag Pipes None Command Failure For External Command

Command Failure for External Command... Revit could not complete the external command.

View (1261) HydraCAD (Revit Based) Cleanup Tags None None


Project that created this error is located at:  G:\Share\Employees\Derek R\Cleanup Tags Error

and is called:  Video Instructions for Dry Pendents-2021.rvt

View (1262) HydraCAD (Revit Based) Hangers None None

This HydraCARD should be deleted once the help file has been updated

View (1264) HydraKEY (Security and Licensing) Refresh HydraKEY Info Button None None

Error Getting Available Subscriptions during refresh or while repopulating the HydraKEY dialogue.

View (1260) HydraKEY (Security and Licensing) None None Failed To Launch

When trying to open HydraKEY, you see the spash screen, but it eventually times out and the application does not open

View (1263) Entitlement (Security and Licensing) USB Transfer None None

When trying to transfer an Entitlement using the Hydratec Entitlement Transfer Utility ("C:\HES\Common\Entitlement Transfer\HydraEntitlementTransfer.exe") , after plugging in the USB to the "new" computer, you can't see a license to transfer.


The recipient does not show up the the window for licenses available to move (top right), but are visible in the bottom right window.


View (1232) HydraKEY (Security and Licensing) Using None None

Failed to get Hardware ID (CPU).  Error: <Reason for Failure>

Failed to get Hardware ID (BIOS).  Error: <Reason for Failure>

Failed to get Hardware ID (MOTHERBOARD).  Error: <Reason for Failure>

Failed to get Hardware ID (USERNAME).  Error: <Reason for Failure>

View (839) HydraKEY (Security and Licensing) Add New Authorization None Failed Call To Server

A failure to call the Hydratec security server occured. 


Hydratec Security Error

FAILED CALL TO SERVER (to Activate): Could not parse request body into json.


View (864) Launching HydraCAD (AutoCAD Based) None None Unhandled Exception

When Opening HydraCAD or trying to list a drawing, you recieve any Error containing the following CLSID:


Or any of the following HRESULT error numbers:







View (116) Listing (AutoCAD Based) Listing Check Ups None Unhandled Exception

When attempting to run AutoLIST checkups and selecting a boundary, user gets an error similar to the one below; [Exception in fs_util.arx ARX Command] Unhandled Exception C00000005 (Access Violation Writing 0x9485ad10) at address 7720F86h OR Unhandled Exception in FS_UTIL.ARX and/or ADS request.