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Standalone (HydraCALC)

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Ribbon/Toolbar (Software) Button Function Error Type Description
Ribbon/Toolbar (Software) Button Function Error Type Description
View (card-1118) HydraCALC (Standalone) None None Bad Location Of K-Factor

Bad location of K-Factor

View (card-1108) HydraCALC (Standalone) Calculate Calculating Could Not Initiate Process

Auto Program Load Error: Could not initiate process called for by... MiscFunc.exe

View (card-1077) HydraCALC (Standalone) Print Final Results Discrepancy

Reviewing the results you notice a discrepancy between the k-factor of an equivalent k versus a sprinkler head using that equivalent k-factor


In the example below, EQ02 has a k-factor of 5.37.  Reference point 1 is supposed to use the k-factor of EQ02 (5.37) but in fact is using a different value (5.36).


View (card-1057) HydraCALC (Standalone) Open Double-Click Missing File

When double-clicking a .WXF file, you get the error, "An error has occurred and HydraCALC cannot be loaded;



View (card-1049) HydraCALC (Standalone) None None None

During a HydraCALC re-install, you are presented with this error message.  After clicking OK, you have to finish the incomplete install process 


Error: -1605  This action is only valid for products that are currently installed


Selecting any of the three choices below will  result in the same error.


View (card-1048) HydraCALC (Standalone) Open None Runtime Error

When trying to open HydraCALC, you get Run-time error 9 - Subscript out of range


View (card-1027) HydraCALC (Standalone) Open Open Requested Operation Requires Elevation

When trying to open a .WXF file by double-clicking it, you get this error message;

"The requested operation requires elevation"


The file can be opened if using HydraCALC to open the file by going to the menu [File|Open]

View (card-1021) HydraCALC (Standalone) None None None

Double-clicking your HydraCALC icon makes nothing happen.  You do not see HydraCALC open onscreen nor on your taskbar.  


If you open your task manager and see the app "Hyd_prog.exe" open but not on your taskbar, then the application is stuck in purgatory.

Another option may be that it's on the taskbar but not on your screen.  That means it's open but offscreen. 

See this HydraCARD to fix that issue;  HydraCARD 565 only AFTER you've checked on the solution below.


View (card-986) HydraCALC (Standalone) Calculate Calculation Results Pressure Required Is Negative

When running a calculation, the value for "pressure required" shows a negative value.

View (card-979) HydraCALC (Standalone) Calculate Calculation Results System Is -Nan(Ind) Psi

After calculating the system, the results show, "Your System Has a Deficit"

System is -nan(ind) psi over the Water Supply Curve