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Standalone (HydraCALC)

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Ribbon/Toolbar (Software) Button Function Error Type Description
Ribbon/Toolbar (Software) Button Function Error Type Description
View (card-1169) HydraCALC (Standalone) Calculate Calculation Results Other

When running a calculation, the results window pops up but just stalls or hangs there.  

The window will eventually say (Not Responding) and you can't click out of it


View (card-1162) HydraCALC (Standalone) Print Final Results None

After adding a Secondary Curve to your water supply, you decide you don't want it, it's impossible to remove the secondary curve value.


View (card-1157) HydraCALC (Standalone) Print Final None Runtime Error

When trying to [Print|Final] in HydraCALC, the user gets a Runtime Error 5, "Invalid Procedure Call or Argument".  HydraVIEW does not open and after clicking OK, HydraCALC crashes.


View (card-1145) HydraCALC (Standalone) Utilities | Alter Pipe Saving Data Runtime 76

When editing and saving data for pipes, fittings, or flexible connections, you get a Run-time error 76, Path not found error

View (card-1118) HydraCALC (Standalone) None None Bad Location Of K-Factor

Bad location of K-Factor

View (card-1108) HydraCALC (Standalone) Calculate Calculating Could Not Initiate Process

Trying to run a calculation, you get the error;

Could not Initiate Process called for by: (name of the problem file), ie. HydCalc.exe or Miscfunc.exe


View (card-1077) HydraCALC (Standalone) Print Final Results Discrepancy

Reviewing the results you notice a discrepancy between the k-factor of an equivalent k versus a sprinkler head using that equivalent k-factor


In the example below, EQ02 has a k-factor of 5.37.  Reference point 1 is supposed to use the k-factor of EQ02 (5.37) but in fact is using a different value (5.36).


View (card-1057) HydraCALC (Standalone) Open Double-Click Missing File

When double-clicking a .WXF file, you get the error, "An error has occurred and HydraCALC cannot be loaded;



View (card-1049) HydraCALC (Standalone) None None None

During a HydraCALC re-install, you are presented with this error message.  After clicking OK, you have to finish the incomplete install process 


Error: -1605  This action is only valid for products that are currently installed


Selecting any of the three choices below will  result in the same error.


View (card-1048) HydraCALC (Standalone) Open None Runtime Error

When trying to open HydraCALC, you get Run-time error 9 - Subscript out of range