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Ribbon/Toolbar (Software) Button Function Error Type Description
Ribbon/Toolbar (Software) Button Function Error Type Description
View (card-1056) HydraVIEW (Standalone) Process Stock List None None

Printing a stock list displays printout which looks like very small print.  Trying to change the printer by using the SETUP button makes no difference.

View (card-1046) HydraVIEW (Standalone) Print Final Print Missing File

HydraVIEW - Component 'VSPRINT7.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid


View (card-971) HydraVIEW (Standalone) Print Final Print Runtime Error

When attempting to Print Final for a calculation, user is given the Run-time error '5'.  Invalid procedure call or argument

View (card-889) HydraVIEW (Standalone) None None No Connectable Heads

When attempting to open HydraVIEW, nothing happens.  Go to the Windows START button, scroll down to the letter H, select Hydratec v50 Software, then select HydraVIEW.  It should open to a blank job, but if nothing happens, see below for the possible solution.

You can also manually attempt to navigate to this folder, then double-click HydraVIEW.EXE;



Also see the 3rd solution in card #887 if you're having a problem printing final from HydraCALC.

View (card-829) HydraVIEW (Standalone) Open None Unknown Filetype

Unknown Filetype

Unknown filetype being opened - 'HLPF'

Path of the file is then shown...

View (card-556) HydraVIEW (Standalone) Print Final Print Runtime Error

Overflow Run Time error 6

Run-time error 6

Runtime error 6

View (card-1277) HydraLIST (Standalone) Process Total Weight None

After processing a stock list, the Total weight value displays as -999.0000

View (card-1217) HydraLIST (Standalone) Open Opening None

When opening HydraVIEW as stand-alone, via HydraCALC or via HydraLIST, nothing happens.

1. Its icon is NOT in the taskbar

2. HydraVIEW is running in the Windows Task Manager;

"Viewer compatible with Win 2000 & HydraLIST and HydraCALC - Contains Print Previewer (32 bit)"

View (card-1209) HydraLIST (Standalone) Process Hydrascan None

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View (card-1208) HydraLIST (Standalone) Open None Runtime Error