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Standalone HydraVIEW (Location)

Button: Print Final Function: Print Error Type: Runtime Error


Overflow Run Time error 6

Run-time error 6

Runtime error 6



The user can get to the dialog window to select their pages to print, but selecting any page results in the same error. 

1. Large format printer (ie. plotter) or sheet size causes (ie. 11x17) is selected as the default Windows printer

2. "0" as input in K/Flow, Density, or Pressure column

3. Pump Inlet node point and Pump outlet node point are reversed. (ie. PmpO or inlet and PmpI for outlet


1. Go into the Windows Control Panel then Printers, and change the printer to a default PDF printer, make sure the page size is 8½x11

2. Remove or fix the data with the 0 value

3. Fix the pump reference points so they're in the correct order.

Updated: Sept. 19, 2022, 5:44 a.m. Created: March 1, 2019, midnight