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Security and Licensing (Entitlement)

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Ribbon/Toolbar (Software) Button Function Error Type Description
Ribbon/Toolbar (Software) Button Function Error Type Description
View (card-1263) Entitlement (Security and Licensing) USB Transfer None None

When trying to transfer an Entitlement using the Hydratec Entitlement Transfer Utility ("C:\HES\Common\Entitlement Transfer\HydraEntitlementTransfer.exe") , after plugging in the USB to the "new" computer, you can't see a license to transfer.


The recipient does not show up the the window for licenses available to move (top right), but are visible in the bottom right window.


View (card-1070) Entitlement (Security and Licensing) None None Fingerprint

When attempting to activate an Entitlement you get the error;

System.Invalid.OperationException: Failed to generate Fingerprint

at HCADLicense.Form1.activate(String product_key, String user_token)
at HCADLicense.Form1.btnAuthorize_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)