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AutoCAD Based HydraCALC (Ribbon/Toolbar/Location)


Error Number: Desription: Incompatible versionof the RPC stub Incompatible



Windows 98 Machine. V50 is for 2000 and XP only From Installshield: This error is caused by a DLL that was installed on the system, such as Oleaut32.dll, Olepro32.dll, Asycfilt.dll, Stdole2.tlb, or others that are not compatible with that system. For example, version 3.50 of Oleaut32.dll is installed and used only by Windows XP and so causes this error if it is installed on a machine running any other operating system


The only way to avoid this error is to download and run the following executable that is provided by Microsoft. http://download.microsoft.com/download/msninvestor/Patch/1.0/WIN98/EN-US/mcrepair.EXE When you run this executable, when it prompts you whether you wish to overwrite Newer files, make sure to click YES for each file ( do not select "No" or "No to All" ).

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