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Standalone HydraCALC (Location)

Error Type: 200 passes


"This job has gone 200 passes or more without balancing" 200 passes 200 n/a HydraCalc v50



Source node in calculation doesn't match the SOURCE POINT in the Pre-Calc Questions window


Make sure they are the same node.


1. City supply with a booster pump, but no water supply information was entered for the pump.


2. Lower Case connection,inlet or outlet in water supply


3. System piping reference points were located below the water supply piping reference points.


4. Pump discharge connected to pump suction.


5. All pump pressure and flow information is 0.


6. Blank elevation entry and no common elevation


7. If using a Z Curve Fitting, the fitting has a zero pressure at P1


8. Possibly a semi-connected or disconnected pipe


9. Missing C factor in a line of data


10. Used 6# loss with other fittings entered after it.


11. Darcy Weisbach calculation and the pump is too large


12. zero length inputted


13. In Calc Setup window, the Remote Node was a point using inside hose.


14. Error only with a Darcy Weisbach calc and may work on other computers.


1. Add water supply for pump.

2. Change to Upper Case.

3. Move the system piping reference points to ABOVE the water supply reference points.

4. Pump reference points should not be 'connected' to each other.

5. Pick "MATCH CURVE" in the pump input section of the water source.

6. Add an elevation or fill in the common elevation.

7. Check all Z Curve fittings being used, if a zero pressure is used at P1, you will get this message

8. Check for a reference point in the Node 2 column that does not appear in the Node 1 column. Use [Utilities|Find Special Disconnect}

9. Add the missing C factor

10. Move 6# fixed loss to end of the fittings input.

11. Consider reducing the pump size or calculate back to the tie in point if combining with a larger system. (GAB 12/31/14)

12. input a legitimate length(gma 04/08/16)

13. Change the remote node to a sprinkler reference point. [GAB 5/13/16]

14. Possibly a bad copy of "C:\HES\HydraCALC\Ver50\Data\Setup\CFactor.dat" [GAB 2/15/17] (thanks Dan M!)

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