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Standalone HydraCALC (Location)

Button: Print Final Function: Results Error Type: Discrepancy


Reviewing the results you notice a discrepancy between the k-factor of an equivalent k versus a sprinkler head using that equivalent k-factor


In the example below, EQ02 has a k-factor of 5.37.  Reference point 1 is supposed to use the k-factor of EQ02 (5.37) but in fact is using a different value (5.36).




Elevations were used in the Equivalent K Piping tab of HydraCALC


It is not recommended to enter elevations in the Equivalent K Piping tab. 


In this case the sprinkler is at 8'-4" and the branchline pipe at 7'-10". 



Remove all elevations plus the blank row references to EQ01 & EQ02 in the 3rd and 5th rows.


In the System Piping tab, enter the sprinkler elevation as the elevation for node 1, not the branchline elevation.



The program is using a rounded flow to establish the k-factor for an equivalent k, but the actual flow to establish the k-factor for the flowing sprinkler.


While very rare, this rundown will explain how this is possible...


When calculating the equivalent k, the formula of [k √ p = Q] is used;


5.6 * sqrt(7) results in a flow of 14.816207 gpm at SP02, or rounded to 14.82 gpm.  


At EQ02, a new pressure of 7.627 psi is calculated and with the rounded flow of 14.82 gpm, we have a new k-factor of 5.37 psi


The k-factor at reference point 1 is calculated based off the same pressure of 7.627 but the non-rounded flow of 14.816207.  This results in a k-factor at node 1 of 5.36.



The formulas below demonstrate this;



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