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AutoCAD Build 3D Risers (Toolbar)


After buiding your 3D risers, raising to 3D, exporting to a Persistent Model and Navisworks successfully, your 3D riser is missing, with the exception of the skipoles

Your layers are on and the 3D_DETAIL layer is present, unlocked, thawed and visible, you just can't see the pipe and fittings.  The one customer reporting this said they disappear if the drawing is closed then re-opened.  They'll be visible in viewports as well, just not in 2D view.





A quick test is to see if it appears if you try to 3DORBIT, but it disappears again when finished.


Running the AUDIT command and fixing errors (Y) seemed to resolve the issue.


One side note, if the AUDIT results indicate objects were deleted, it's possible some of your 3D objects won't return.

Pass 2 39900   objects auditedAcDb3dSolid(2124EC)      ASM body missing
Total errors found 1591 fixed 1591
Erased 6 objects


This message from the command prompt indicates 1591 were fixed but 6 were deleted.  In that case we're not sure why there was a problem with it..  In one case, the end-user saved in Acad 2022, opened the drawing at home in Acad 2023, saved and re-opened in Acad 2022.  This is when it was discovered the 3D fittings were missing.

Updated: Sept. 20, 2022, 12:55 a.m. Created: Oct. 6, 2021, 4:56 p.m.