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Revit Based Installation (Ribbon/Toolbar/Location)


Greyed out options in the Addin Assistant and ribbons do not appear in Revit



When opening Revit, the HydraCAD, HydraCALC and HydraLIST ribbons do not appear. 

When opening the Addin Assistant, the options to add / remove them appear greyed out. 


The greyed out options in the Addin Assistant indicate Hydratec for Revit software is not installed, or not installed correctly.
If a Hydratec for Revit install is needed, log into your companies Hydratec ShareFile account and download the latest Hydratec for Revit Install file. You can distinguish the latest file by which has the highest version number. (Example: v23 vs v24, v24 being the latest)


If you need the permission of your company's IT department, etc. in order to install Hydratec for Revit, contact them before proceeding and downloading the file.
Hydratec for Revit Install

If you do not have a Hydratec Sharefile account, please follow the link below and select the blue box labeled Sign Up.

Hydratec Sharefile Access

Information on how to enter Hydratec's ShareFile account or request access can be found here:
Using Hydratec ShareFile System

Find the downloaded .zip file and extract it to a temporary folder. Run the Hydratec for Revit setup from that folder, NOT the original .zip file. Restart your workstation after successful installation. 

If after reinstalling, the ribbons still do not appear, run the Addin Assistant tool from the \HES\Hydratec for Revit\Programs folder. Locate HydratecRevitAddinAssistant.exe, right click, and Run as Administrator.

Add whatever ribbons are currently missing when loading Revit. 

If the options still remain greyed out, please feel free to contact support at revitsupport@hydracad.com


Updated: March 25, 2024, 4:36 p.m. Created: June 20, 2022, 11:35 a.m.