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Ribbon/Toolbar (Software) Button Function Error Type Description
Ribbon/Toolbar (Software) Button Function Error Type Description
View (card-1062) (AutoCAD) None None None

When drawing objects, you get these funny icons/images next to the drawn object.  If you hover over it, it mentions an osnap option

View (card-124) (AutoCAD) None None Runtime Error

Runtime Error 53, File Not Found HydexVB.DLL Transfer to HydraCALC

View (card-598) (AutoCAD) None None Runtime Error

Runtime Error 5 Invalid Procedure Call or Argument 

View (card-1087) Sprinklers (AutoCAD) Select Sprinkler None Crash

Attempting to redefine a sprinkler head with the string 'flex' in the name/description will crash with a BAD SSGET error message if the sprinkler was not set up as an older style HydraCAD flex head




View (card-545) Sprinklers (AutoCAD) AutoLine None No Connectable Heads

No connectable heads message comes up, even when there are obviously heads that can be connected. Can also be error stating Please re-select line away from other lines

View (card-1101) Riser Nipples (AutoCAD) Edit Riser Nipples Change Riser Nipple Type None

Glyphs used to indicate the component type (Line/Main/Armover/Underground) that riser nipples are to be listed as remain on drawing even after command is closed

View (card-1097) Piping (AutoCAD) Edit Riser Nipple None Dialog Flashes And Closes

Double-Clicking on a riser nipple, or using the Edit Riser Nipple command (ERN) briefly displays the edit riser nipple dialog, which then closes

View (card-335) Listing (AutoCAD) Start AutoList None None

Possibly a folder marked as "hidden" in Autocad.

View (card-919) Installation (AutoCAD) None None None

Install or Update appears to hang.

View (card-825) Installation (AutoCAD) None None The Installed Version Could Not Be Determined

The Installed version of the application could not be determined. The Setup will now Terminate


An error (-5006 : #####) has occured while running the setup