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Ribbon/Toolbar (Software) Button Function Error Type Description
Ribbon/Toolbar (Software) Button Function Error Type Description
View (card-1144) HydraCAD (AutoCAD) 3D Details Fittings None

3D Details (3D Fittings) missing, only the skipoles are showing

View (card-1139) HydraCAD (AutoCAD) Couplings Custom Coupling None

When running the Custom Coupling command [CC], the tooltip which follows the crosshairs duplicates the Command Line text, it does not show the drag distance and angle from the origin



The tooltip would be more useful if it showed the distance from the start point


View (card-1126) HydraCAD (AutoCAD) 3D Fittings Dialog Box Dao Error

When trying to insert a 3D riser object, you get this error;

Call from 'Hcad3Ddetails-fillGridMisc'

DAO Error:

Could not find file


AutoCAD will likely crash out

View (card-1125) HydraCAD (AutoCAD) Walk Model None None

When running AUDIT command, you get an error message "AcDbLayerTable could not be repaired" message

View (card-1123) HydraCAD (AutoCAD) Persistent Model Dialog Box Error Writing

Exporting a Persistent Model gives the following message.  More than like the PM drawing gets saved anyway.

Cannot Save!  drawing path and filename might be OPEN.  Pleace close amd try again.  Please close and try again

View (card-1122) HydraCAD (AutoCAD) Define Sprinkler Head Flexible Sprinkler Connection None

No error reported for FSC even when maximum length is clearly exceeded


If you view the FSC properties, it's possible the HoseLength and MaxNumberOfBends values are not set.

View (card-1119) HydraCAD (AutoCAD) Rapid Pipe None Missing Dialog Box

When using Rapid Pipe/Rapid Line/Rapid Main, you do not see the tooltip which indicates your future pipe lengths

View (card-1106) HydraCAD (AutoCAD) Show System Model S3d Unhandled Exception

While attempting to raise to 3D, you get this error message;


Exception Occured at AddURLToHyperlinks::HydraHeads



The drawing will still raise to 3D but you may not have sprinkler heads visible.





View (card-1090) HydraCAD (AutoCAD) Opening None Unrecognized Version

When opening HydraCAD and trying to open a drawing or a template, you get the error message; 

Also happened when layers were isolated trying to burst objects


'unrecognized version and cannot be read'


View (card-1089) HydraCAD (AutoCAD) NWCOUT None Unknown Command

When attempting to run the NWCOUT command, you get an 'unknown command' error message;