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Ribbon/Toolbar (Software) Button Function Error Type Description
Ribbon/Toolbar (Software) Button Function Error Type Description
View (card-1105) Calculations (AutoCAD) Insert Hydraulic Demand None Bad Argument

When trying to insert a Hydraulic demand block (Compact/Standard/Expanded) (IHD command) and after selecting the .WXF file to use;


You get the error message;

Error: bad argument type: numberp: DATAFILE

And the command kicks you out.

View (card-952) Calculations (AutoCAD) None None Missing Pipe

After running the AutoCALC process on a long grid system, you realize some of the gridlines in the middle didn't get picked up.


View (card-916) Calculations (AutoCAD) Insert Elbow or Tee Fittings Extra Tees Are Added


View (card-885) Calculations (AutoCAD) None None Runtime Error

Runtime Error 6 when Attaching Fittings

Fitting is a RED. COUPLING @ node DAB0C connected to pipes D9FE8 :D9FE2.

Trying to run a auto calc from a drawing.  How do I find the referenced pipes?

View (card-850) Calculations (AutoCAD) None None None

A grid system was processed from HydraCAD to HydraCALC but the calc file did not have L (left) and R (right) markers for autopeaking.




View (card-846) Calculations (AutoCAD) AutoCalc Dialog J19380

Just after starting the Autocalc Settings, the dialog box as shown below pops up and the process stops.  

Something went wrong!  Error Code J19380

View (card-840) Calculations (AutoCAD) Reference Point None None

AutoCALC is creating extra node points where there shouldn't be.  In the image below, node 45 shouldn't be created as there's neither a flowing head nor a change in diameter at that point.


'extra node'

'extra ref point'

'extra reference point'


View (card-831) Calculations (AutoCAD) Calculation Process None Runtime Error

Caclulating Total Lengths...

Runtime Error "13"

Type mis-match

View (card-647) Calculations (AutoCAD) Calculate Miscfunc Runtime Error

Runtime Error 7 Out of memory run-time error 7 run time error 7 Runtime Error 7 Miscfunc

View (card-141) Calculations (AutoCAD) Pump Step 2.3 Message Box

System seems to hang at this step, but eventually shows the error;

Hydraulic Calculation - The system flow demand of ####.## exceeds the maximum rated flow as indicated in the Pump Curve for the pump with the inlet of PI and outlet of PO.


The calculation will not continue Calculation failed for an unknown reason

May not be 1a.3 or 2.3, could be anywhere along here.