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AutoCAD (AutoList)

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Ribbon/Toolbar (Software) Button Function Error Type Description
Ribbon/Toolbar (Software) Button Function Error Type Description
View (card-1164) AutoList (AutoCAD) Start AutoList None File To Load Paths And Dirs.

When starting the listing process, you get this error

File Location Error

Please browse to set stocklist location.  It must be a valid path.  Then try again

View (card-1039) AutoList (AutoCAD) None None Internal Error: Enotopenforwrite

When running an AutoLIST, you get the error;


AutoCAD Error Aborting

INTERNAL ERROR: eNotOpenForWrite message


View (card-946) AutoList (AutoCAD) Listing Tag None None

When running an autolist, you're no longer getting the listing tag IDs such as MAIN A.1, MAIN A.2, MAIN A.3, etc show up on your drawing.  It only shows the original tag of MAIN A 

Same can be said for line tags #LN1.1, #LN1.2, etc

View (card-864) AutoList (AutoCAD) None None Unhandled Exception

When Opening HydraCAD or trying to list a drawing, you recieve any Error containing the following CLSID:


Or any of the following HRESULT error numbers:







View (card-254) AutoList (AutoCAD) None None None

Error is V50 Drops

View (card-181) AutoList (AutoCAD) None None Dao Error

Call from 'AutoList::CleanupDatabase (hangerHeaderDB)' DAO Error The changes you requested to the table were not successful.... DAO error

View (card-176) AutoList (AutoCAD) AutoList None Failed To Launch

"AutoLIST Failed!... Please run Listing CheckUps"


This message is shown when running the AutoLIST process, but checkups didn't find any errors AutoLIST Failed

View (card-147) AutoList (AutoCAD) None None Runtime Error

Runtime Error 5 when opening HydraLIST during the AutoLIST process. Error 5