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AutoCAD Based Calculations (Ribbon/Toolbar/Location)

Button: Start Autocalcs Error Type: 0


When starting the AutoCALC process, you get this error;


Could not find fitting match for Pump Only/Test Point Please check!!

You also see an Accessing Database window with a partial green progress bar.

No Operating Heads of Flows Found!!  Please check...




NOTE:  If the Accessing Database window remains open after canceling out of AutoCALC, it's okay to close the window


Caused by a HYDPUMP block which is nested in another block. 


FIG1. Shows the single HYDPUMP block in the remote area


In this instance, the user created a block of a group of piping including the pump supply block.


FIG 2. Shows the block of piping including another HYDPUMP block


Although the HYDPUMP block was contained in the block (ie. not exploded) and not within the selected boundary, AutoCALC saw two HYDPUMP blocks in the entire drawing including the one which was part of the hydraulic calculation


The HYDPUMP block and the block which contained HYDPUMP must be tracked down and purged.




Erase your pump supply and the city water supply from your drawing and explode the block which contains the HYDPUMP block.


Type PURGE, the block HYDPUMP may show up as a purgable item.  If so, purge it.  If not, click 'Find Non-Purgable Items'.  



Click HYDPUMP, the Details window will indicate which blocks contain the nested HYDPUMP block.  Go to the Purgeable Items list and purge those blocks listed, then eventually purge HYDPUMP.  Make sure the check box for 'Purge nested items' is checked.   This may take several attempts to track all the blocks down.  It's always good to purge out blocks called A$C... as well.



Return to HydraCAD, save the drawing then re-insert your water supply blocks.


Watch this video for in-depth instructions



• A corrupted System Boudary


• A corrupt drawing


• Bad blocks in the drawing, possibly related to sprinkler blocks, 3D sprinkler blocks


• Underground pipe was drawn in the Mains layer (SPRKDAT1).


 - - if the Accessing Database window remains open after canceling out of AutoCALC, it's okay to close the window


• Erase and re-insert the system boundary


• Close the drawing, start a new drawing with a template then type RECOVER in the command prompt.  Navigate to the problem drawing and let it run through and fix errors its errors.  IMHO, a RECOVER is more thorough than the AUDIT command


• Run the AutoCAD PURGE command so no blocks remain which need to be purged out, then run RBL to rebuild the layers. [GAB 10/26/17] gma 11-17-15


• Change underground pipe to be in the SPRKDAT3 layer.


Unknown bad objects in the drawing, the problem drawing should be inserted into a new template drawing.




1. Start a new drawing using a HydraCAD based template.


2. Use the Blocks palette found at the menu [Insert|Blocks Palette]  or type the command CLASSICINSERT


3. Uncheck Insertion Point, check Explode, then pick the Navigation button in the upper left then click on the problem drawing to insert it into this drawing.








4. After the drawing is inserted, type REGROUP[enter] to reconnect your elevation, steel, ceiling, and slope deflines to its text

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