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Standalone HydraCALC (Location)

Button: Print Final Function: Results


After adding a Secondary Curve to your water supply, you decide you don't want it, it's impossible to remove the secondary curve value.




Bug in the software which prevents the value from being deleted.


This will have to be manually edited out of the calculation file.  

1. Close HydraCALC


2. Open Windows File Explorer, then navigate to the folder with your file. 

Right-click your file and select Open With| Notepad, or if Notepad is not listed, select 'choose another app'

Make sure you choosed the 'Just Once' option.


3. Search for the text NUMUNDCURV


4. Delete the value in the row under it, but DO NOT delete the entire row


5. Save the file


In this example, we want to get rid of the 5psi.  Delete the 5 and leave a blank row

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