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Standalone HydraCALC (Location)

Button: Open Error Type: Runtime Error


When trying to open HydraCALC, you get Run-time error 9 - Subscript out of range




Likely a corrupt USER.INI file


1. Go to this folder C:\HES\Common\Ver50


2.Right-click the file USER.INI and select EDIT.  It should open in NOTEPAD.


3. If your file does not have the last line showing "EOF", then the program was interrupted while trying to write the file and the file is incomplete.  

The code below shows the DEFAULT contents of the file, so copy what you're missing, paste it into your file then save it.


DataPath = C:\Hes\HydraCalc\Ver50\Data\Setup\
DocPath = C:\Hes\HydraCalc\Ver50\Data\Setup\Documentation\
ImportPath = C:\Hes\HydraCalc\Ver50\Data\Setup\ImportExport\
ReportPath = C:\Hes\HydraCalc\Ver50\Data\Setup\Reports\
Cad-R_DataPath = \Hes\HydraCalc\Ver50\Data\Setup_Cad-R\
Cad-R_DocPath = \Hes\HydraCalc\Ver50\Data\Setup_Cad-R\Documentation\
Cad-R_ImportPath = \Hes\HydraCalc\Ver50\Data\Setup_Cad-R\ImportExport\
Cad-R_ReportPath = \Hes\HydraCalc\Ver50\Data\Setup_Cad-R\Reports\
HashKeyValue = 3030
Force = False
Site = na

Thanks Darab F!

Updated: Sept. 19, 2022, 2 p.m. Created: Jan. 20, 2022, 4 p.m.