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AutoCAD Based Build 3D Risers (Ribbon/Toolbar/Location)

Button: Lunch HydraList Error Type: Runtime Error


When attempting to Launch HydraLIST to start building your riser, you get this error;




Missing HydraLIST template file


Copy the following file from a working comptuer; "C:\HES\Hydlist\Ver50\Data\Setup\template16.hlf"

[GAB 10/13/16] thanks Barry L!

You can also download the file here;



Missing the stocklist template file


A workaround if you don't have access to the file above;

1. Click OK on the error message

2. Remember the name of your drawing and its folder

3. Launch stand-alone HydraLIST

4. Save the blank project by navigating to the folder where your drawing is located, then saving it as the filename of your drawing (without the .DWG part)

(ie.  Drawing's name is ABCD.dwg, save your stocklist as ABCD and it will automatically add the .HLF part at the end).

Updated: Sept. 25, 2023, 11:47 a.m. Created: March 1, 2019, midnight